Truss Rod Covers


Below are just some of the "non truss rod cover" designs I've done. I have done guitar necks, but I am not really big on doing them, as I would need the entire instrument to make sure that all the fret work is fine, and the guitar is playing as it was before. Shipping will be very expensive, and I have had to throw out covers, and start again cause something went terribly wrong, or I didn't like the result, or some other reason. Can't really do that with your guitar neck... Please note that while I can use the same materials in any of the pictures below for you, there is no way I could make an exact duplicate of any shown piece, or any piece, as no two pieces of shell or wood will have the same figure, or reflect light the same way. Guaranteed, no one will have an identical piece like yours.

Some of the plaques pictured, are about 4" x 5" or so, and took many hours of work into them to get to the final result. Please be aware of this should you request a custom piece. It will be substantially more than the truss rod covers.

Please contact me to place your order or to discuss any custom designs.